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Creativity, Art and Tourism

There is a new concept called creative tourism. It refers to ‘‘Tourism which offers visitors the opportunity to develop their creative potential through active participation in courses and learning experiences, which are characteristic of the holiday destination where they are taken.”In light ...
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Innovation in Film

Television and film have evolved and changed drastically over time. From the black and white film when people watched Charlie Chaplin with no sound. People relied on subtitles to understand what was going on and to get the dialogue taking place. It’s been years since the first films were made and ...
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Peace in Innovation

“Peace and conflict studies knowledge has expanded dramatically over the last 25 years, and we know much more about why conflicts start and how they can be prevented. At the same time, innovation and technology start-ups have started to try to tackle peace and conflict issues, beginning new effort ...
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Circular Economy

A circular economy is an attractive and viable alternative that businesses have already started exploring today. It is also restorative and regenerative by design, and aims to keep products, components, and materials at their highest utility and value at all times. At times, a circular economy is an ...
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Consumerism VS Innovation

We live in a day and age where marketing and advertising play a major role in influencing us into buying goods. Sometimes we really do need them but most of the time we really don’t. We have developed a culture of buying so much we don’t look to see if what we are buying is actually necessary. W ...
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Innovation in Gaming

I remember playing video games as a young kid. At friends, relatives or neighbours’ houses. The experience I remember most is playing FIFA ’98 on a PlayStation 1 at a friend’s house. The players had box shapes. The boots were almost triangle. They ran in 90-degree angles. They ran funny with n ...
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Innovation in Fashion

There have been various innovations which have changed the way fabrics and clothing have been manufactured. Starting from the power loom, spindle, weaver’s beam to modern day sewing machine, innovation has been the major driving force in the way fashion trends have evolved over time.We may not all ...
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Youth In Tourism

I love travelling. Seeing new places. Meeting new people. The works basically. It’s always a refreshing experience and it definitely gets my mind off a lot of things. Experts highlight how travelling has its fair share of benefits to the mind, body and soul. It opens your mind to new ideas and mak ...
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Yearn To Learn

Congratulations if you can read this and hopefully you will read it in its entirety. Most people won’t read this through because people generally don’t like reading.You’d prefer to watch a cooking tutorial rather than go and get a recipe book and read. We are living in an age where people don ...
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IFA 2017

Whilst going through my news feed recently, I came across news and activity on IFA 2017. For those of you who might not know what IFA is about, it is similar to a fair or an exhibition where manufacturers get to share and familiarise consumers to the products and concepts that they are currently wor ...
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