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Statistics and the influence they have on innovation

Statistics are an invaluable tool; without which, we’d have difficulty in making sense of the world around us. Without statistics, there’d be no standard for measuring data. Without this standard, we’d lose control and predictability over our environment. Just imagine not being able to know wh ...
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Innovation in Transportation

There have been many advances in the transport sector. Most of them have been in trailer technology or in the fuel saving abilities of the engine. Based in California, Peloton Technologies, an automated vehicle technology company solving truck crashes and fuel use challenges faced by the trucking in ...
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Innovation in Construction

Concrete is one of the most common construction materials used in the world. It is cheap, strong and easy to make. Concrete allows cities to build skyscrapers, builds levees to hold back flood waters, and bridges to help roads stretch across the land. Concrete technology dates back to the ancient Ro ...
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Innovation in Film

Television and film have evolved and changed drastically over time. From the black and white film when people watched Charlie Chaplin with no sound. People relied on subtitles to understand what was going on and to get the dialogue taking place. It’s been years since the first films were made and ...
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Consumerism VS Innovation

We live in a day and age where marketing and advertising play a major role in influencing us into buying goods. Sometimes we really do need them but most of the time we really don’t. We have developed a culture of buying so much we don’t look to see if what we are buying is actually necessary. W ...
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Innovation in Gaming

I remember playing video games as a young kid. At friends, relatives or neighbours’ houses. The experience I remember most is playing FIFA ’98 on a PlayStation 1 at a friend’s house. The players had box shapes. The boots were almost triangle. They ran in 90-degree angles. They ran funny with n ...
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Innovation in Fashion

There have been various innovations which have changed the way fabrics and clothing have been manufactured. Starting from the power loom, spindle, weaver’s beam to modern day sewing machine, innovation has been the major driving force in the way fashion trends have evolved over time.We may not all ...
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The future of NFC in mobile payments and other uses

There shall come a time where you can travel and not have to be worried about carrying your bank card or an I.D. card. With the progression and advancements in technology, we might as well brace ourselves for the time where all you will need is a smartphone with NFC capabilities.For those who may no ...
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Innovation or Mere Discovery

It seems more or less like nuclear power has more harmful effects than benefits to the human race. Nuclear weapons have been tested in all environments since 1945: in the atmosphere, underground and underwater. Tests have been carried out onboard barges, on top of towers, suspended from balloons, on ...
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Bulawayo Innovators take centre stage at Pitch Night

Kuda from Forex Trading School, Joel from LPG 4 U and Nkosana from Virtual Tours had come to present their ideas and innovations at Pitch Night at Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel last night.The initiative hosted by TechVillage is an event in which innovators and startups in Zimbabwe get to showcase their inn ...
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