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An e-commerce retailer is injecting millions of dollars into a fledgling small-car startup in (Nasdaq: OSTK) is purchasing $2.5 million worth of common stock in Phoenix-based Elio Motors (OTC: ELIO) at $2.75 a share in a private placement. The deal was announced April 24.Elio i ...
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Perkbox allows you to stretch your money further

There are lessons for any start-up in the success of Perkbox.The employee perks and engagement platform seem to have cracked the winning formula of providing a subscription-based product with mass market appeal.It has over 500,000 employees from 8,000 customers on its platform, made over £30 millio ...
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Get to your location easier with what 3 words

Have you ever been frustrated after your GPS sat-nav mapping function automatically disengages as you reach your destination? Or it misses your intended address by a whole block? Not anymore.what3words is a global grid of 57 trillion 3mx3m squares. Each square has a 3 word address that can be commun ...
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Launched as a startup in 2015, the hearX Group was developed at the University of Pretoria by Prof De Wet Swanepoel and Dr Herman Myburgh in 2013. To date, the hearX Group has provided access to hearing healthcare to more than 70 000 people who would not normally have had this service, through our c ...
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