The Agenda

Innovation for Africa is an inter-disciplinary hub whose agenda is to unlock the innovative potential of Africa for the betterment of life in urban and rural Africa. This agenda is built on the premise that Africa has what it takes to identify and solve its biggest problems, and to meet all its developmental needs.

In their report, Innovation that Matters, following a study of American cities, author Patrick McAnaney refers to a city’s Asset Base and the ‘idea that cities already have the resources they need to build successful startups. The question is how to leverage these resources in a way that provides useful support to entrepreneurs’. We at Innovation for Africa believe that the same rings true for African cities. Professionals, entrepreneurs and organisations have the creative ideas and the necessary skills to unlock innovation and foster a productive ecosystem that sustains local economies and enhances life for all.


New Ideas / New Approach / New Methods / New Products / New Solutions / New Results


The objectives of Innovation for Africa are:

» To foster innovation in Africa

» To broker progressive dialogue and collaboraiton among professionals and institutions

» To bridge the gaps between academia and industry

» To facilitate research and development

» To build enterprise

» To be a respected voice on matters pertaining to innovation