Entrepreneurship hub

The Entrepreneurship Hub aims to create a city-wide entrepreneurship network consisting of key partners in different sectors and stages in the value chain, who will provide support to entrepreneurs. Support to be provided consists of, but is not limited to: information, trainings, mentorship, resources, services and relationships. In any city, there will be the existence of different entities and organisations that provide training and support to local entrepreneurs. However, without a deliberate unifying, there will be a fragmentation of efforts and activities and a general lack of awareness and accessibility to such organisations. This limits the overall effectiveness of these efforts and essentially disadvantages the aspiring entrepreneur. We hope that by the coming together of strategic partners under a unified vision, a city-wide ecosystem may be developed that will aid entrepreneurs in the establishment and building of their businesses.

Innovation for Africa is developing an inter-connected network of city hubs across Africa. Such a cohesive effort will only set up African entrepreneurs to succeed and will make African cities attractive destinations for both entrepreneurs and investors.