Business Catalyst

The I4A Business Catalyst serves to support the turning of ideas into meaningful enterprise as well as to empower start-ups to scale and succeed.

1. Business Idea Evaluation

So you have a business idea, now what? We all have ideas, really good ones! But what business potential do they really have? Are you sitting on potentially disruptive business idea? I4A will help you to evaluate your idea for such potential. Also, if your idea has potential, we will help you to put together an efficient roadmap that sees your idea being realised with all the right things in place.  Contact us for an initial free consultation.

2. Business Incubation

Many young entrepreneurs with brilliant ideas get started and find it difficult to navigate the world of business with all its complexities. When you start your business, you need to be part of a safe support structure that will help to nurture your idea and provide you with the mentorship, direction and challenge to push you towards succeeding. The I4A Business Incubator takes you under its wing and ensures that you are heading in the right direction and introduced to the right people that will offer you the support you need as you grow in this venture.

3. Business Acceleration

It’s one thing to get your business started. It’s quite another to get it to grow. You need the right exposure, support and investment to take it from one stage to another. If your foundations are firmly in place and you are ready to scale, then the I4A Accelerator Programme will help you go from one level to the next. Contact us to find out more.

4. Business Support Services

As a start-up, you are concerned about setting things up right and about keeping a tight lid on the expenses until such time that you can afford to employ staff and to invest in an office with equipment. Every penny counts right now doesn’t it? I4A Business Support Services was designed with the start-up in mind. It acts as an outpost of your business, providing you with administrative, accounting and marketing support that will be equivalent to having your own team but costing you a small fraction. It equates to minimum expense with maximum impact.

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