Bridging the gap between academia and industry

Interface is a catalyst of industry-academia partnerships that creates funded R&D opportunities for institutions while meeting the R&D needs of industry and increasing the relevance and preparedness of students for industry.

Innovation for Africa partners with both academic institutions and industry to carry out the following:

  • Harvest industry needs and present them to academic institutions for the purposes of research and development of new ideas and products
  • Broker solution-oriented dialogue between industry and academia
  • Help structure students’ career trajectory during the course of their studies and in preparation for life in the real world. This is done in partnership with various industries
  • Conduct student capacity building in professionalism and preparedness for life in the real world
  • Monitor and support the progress of research and development projects
  • Organise and host events that foster industry-academia partnerships and promote professional development
  • Incubate ideas and accelerate start-ups towards the successful commercialisation of student projects

Regardless of which side (academia or industry) you represent, we invite you to engage us to explore how we might catalyse the process of getting you to leverage partnerships with the other side. Well crafted partnerships can result in synergies that allow both to fulfill their strategic objectives.

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