Perkbox allows you to stretch your money further

There are lessons for any start-up in the success of Perkbox.The employee perks and engagement platform seem to have cracked the winning formula of providing a subscription-based product with mass market appeal.It has over 500,000 employees from 8,000 customers on its platform, made over £30 millio ...
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Youth In Tourism

I love travelling. Seeing new places. Meeting new people. The works basically. It’s always a refreshing experience and it definitely gets my mind off a lot of things. Experts highlight how travelling has its fair share of benefits to the mind, body and soul. It opens your mind to new ideas and mak ...
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Innovate Elevate Youth Conference

The Innovate, Elevate Conference is a two-day conference convening the next generation of leaders who are driven to create an impact in their community and aspire to see a better Africa.At the Innovate Elevate Youth Conference (IEYC), we are giving young people an opportunity to elevate their career ...
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Innovation for Africa - The Agenda

Unlocking the innovative potential of Africa for the betterment of life in urban and rural Africa